Welcome to Lakeland Bank

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Important Dates
Date Event Important Details
April 2 - 8 ATMs

Highlands State Bank ATMs will have limited service while ATMs are converted to Lakeland Bank. NOTE: ATM deposits and transfers will not be available between these dates.

April 4 Bill Pay Service

Highlands State Bank system available until 10:30pm - access, set up or modify bill payments/payees until this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes made after 10:30pm will NOT be converted.

NOTE: Bill pay history will not be converted, download payment history or reports by this date.

April 5 eStatements

Highlands State Bank eStatements will not be available after 3:00pm and should be downloaded prior to this date. Final Checking and Savings Statements for April 5, 2019 will be  delivered by US Mail.

April 5 - 8 Conversion Weekend

Branches close at 3:00pm Friday.

Online Banking services available until 3:00pm Friday.

Totowa Safe Deposit Boxes available until 3:00pm Friday. (Vernon and Sparta closed March 11.)

Important Tax Reporting Note: Transaction history will not be immediately available after the conversion. Please download any transactions you may need to prepare your tax return by 3:00pm on April 5.

April 8 Branches

Open as Lakeland Bank at regular time.

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Available at 8:30am.

ATM / Debit Cards

New cards can be used as of 8:30am on this date.

If you have not activated your Lakeland Bank card, please do so and destroy your Highlands State Bank cards.

Provide merchants with new debit card information for pre-authorized recurring payments.

Telephone Banking

Number will change to 1-800-320-5130.